In the midst of Trinseo rebranding itself, we tackled their 2022 Sustainability Report. The theme for this particular year was acceleration and adaptability. We knew they wanted to use something from nature to convey the concept, so I did some research and discovered that a hummingbird is not only one of the fastest birds but also one of the most resilient. This report was a true collaborative effort with Nadine Leeper, who I co-lead the design with. By using a pixel stretch technique I was able to visually show acceleration in fun color waves that carried well throughout both on the cover and the divider slides. Together, under the guidance of the Creative Director, we were able to combine our creative talents to create this one of a kind piece.
Created under the agency Vault Communications | Creative Direction: Sara DeViva | Lead Designers: Nadine Leeper and Lindsay Smith
Cover and divider art designed by Lindsay Smith. Interior layout designed by Nadine Leeper. 
Below are a few examples of additional spreads in the sustainability report created by Nadine Leeper.

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