Boardwalk Eats: By using the Ballpark App, once fans found this section they would have the opportunity to answer a trivia question correctly in order to unlock a secret ballpark menu as well as a prize.
Brews & Baseball: This limited campaign targeted traditional baseball and beer lovers for a Phillies Brews & Baseball theme night at the ballpark. ​​​​​​​
Graphic icons designed for several Phillies based podcasts located on streaming platforms and website.
Title lock-up created for a Juneteenth discussion/educational piece.
Ring The Ballot: Part of an all-star campaign that encouraged fans to vote for their favorite player. Poster (top), Twitter highlight (left) & Instagram Story highlight (right).
Live! Casino: I was tasked with creating email graphics for the new Live! Casino that would announce their grand opening to Phillies fans. Instead of the email graphics looking like an ad for the casino, I was able to put this in our 2020/2021 digital look so it would resonate better with our fans.

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