A global digital transformation leader in innovative customer experience and strategic sales solutions, Avantive Solutions wanted a new user-friendly responsive website. By working closely with the client and account team members, we were able to create a website that better aligned with their brand and current solutions. My role was to redesign their website by enhancing their current brand with new colors, graphic assets, fonts, photo filters, and more.
Created under the agency Vault Communications | Creative Direction: Sara DeViva | Lead Designer: Lindsay Smith
The coding for this website was done by Avantive’s team. I designed this in Adobe XD and handed over the design files for completion.
Below is a small peek into the wireframes process. The left image shows the evolution of the homepage and how we combined our original ideas into the final design. The right image shows some wireframe page samples.
Website launched in early 2023, some updates may have been made since by Avantive Solutions and their team.

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