Prior to my arrival to the Phillies team, STN Digital created our first look that would be used across all digital platforms. As soon as I started working, I was tasked with implementing the style guide across all of our posts on social media, website, and advertising across the Philadelphia region. In 2018, this look was primarily vibrant red and blue colors with some white, then in 2019 we started to implement the color gray and this look evolved to give us more flexibility and a slightly different spin across our digital platforms. Below is a variety of assets created and used throughout social media, advertising, and sales.
STN Digital created the style guide with the direction of our team. In collaboration with the social team, I designed the assets below based off of the guide. Animation was completed with the help of STN Digital.
Social Media
Marketing & Advertising

2020 Season Tickets email renewal campaign (left) and separate email graphics (right).

Paid social for 2020 Tickets, Star Wars Theme Night, and 2019 Single Game Tickets. These were run through the advertising side and often had rules and restrictions that differed from normal social media posts.

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